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How to Spoil Your Little without Breaking the Bank

Becoming a Big is one of the most exciting parts of being in a sorority. You get to grow your sorority family and have a younger sister who you can show the ropes. Don’t let money get in the way of your decision to take on a Little. With a little planning and preparation and a DIY attitude, you can spoil your Little without breaking the bank.

1. Make a List. It's best to have a plan in place before you go shopping for your Little. Think about the types of gifts you can afford and what materials you need for your DIY crafts. Make a list of everything you need and keep it handy as you shop. With a list, you'll be less likely to make impulse purchases or forget an essential crafting supply.

2. Hunt for Bargains. Before you shop, find out what deals and coupons are being offered by stores in your area. The Dollar Store is a great place to start your shopping trip, as you can find awesome items like picture frames and wine glasses you can decorate at a cheap price. Then move on crafting stores like AC Moore, Michael's and Hobby Lobby, which always have coupons to help you save tons on crafting supplies. You can also come across some great finds at TJ Maxx, Ross and Marshalls, as well as Target's Dollar Spot. At these stores you can find cute notebooks, jewlery, phone cases or even a throw blanket in your sorority's colors that you can monogram with your letters.

3. Pass Down Greek Gear. One of the first things you've probably done after joining a sorority was load up on Greek gear. Your family's drawers are likely overflowing with sorority apparel you no longer wear, so why not gift it to your little? Your Little will appreciate Greek apparel that's been passed down through her family.

4. Serenade Her. Maybe you have an in with an A Cappella group on campus. Or, perhaps you have a friend who can sing and play guitar. If you know someone whose been graced with amazing vocals, ask them nicely to serenade your Little during Big-Little Week. Your Little will certainly love the surprise!

With these tips, you can spoil your Little during Big-Little Week without exceeding your budget.

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